Thunderbolt Theatre Productions
From humble beginnings, Greg Bepper's Thunderbolt Theatre & Film Productions is dedicated to producing fresh, Australian orientated theatre.

Established in 2010 in conjunction with the opening of the Hornsby PCYC's Kirkwood Theatre within its Performing Arts Centre, Artistic Director, Greg Bepper began his vision for regional theatre to attract first time theatre goers and the converted to experience new works as an alternative to the rehash of steadfast, safe and over produced plays synonymous with regional theatre.

At this time, necessity became the mother of invention, as new plays needed to be sourced to accommodate the exact number of students and genders of the two drama schools associated with the performing arts centre. Greg, who had set aside his passion for play writing many decades prior, sat once again at his keyboard and wrote plays for both schools specifically for the number of actors available. Through the success of these productions and the rekindling of this passion, Greg officially established Thunderbolt Theatre Productions to produce his plays.

In 2015, Greg made the decision to set aside this twelve months to concentrate on his writing as a self-funded playwright. During this year he completed three full length plays to accompany three already completed to form a season of six plays. The first, Woman in the Window, to be produced as a professional touring production in 2016.

To Greg, the old theatrical adage of, "Don't put your own money in the show" has been overridden by yet another adage, "Put your money where your mouth is" when it comes to financing productions. That, and the ever diminishing grant funding in this country on top of the faith Greg has in his writing. Therefore, Thunderbolt Theatre Productions has been established as a fully professional production company, paying the actors and crew full, union approved wages and hiring theatres at the commercial rate.

The future vision for Thunderbolt Theatre Productions is to establish itself to be known as the producers of high quality, innovative and entertaining Australian theatre productions throughout the regional, and eventually the mainstream theatre scene. And to provide the opportunity for emerging playwrights (of any age) to have their plays professionally produced.