Greg Bepper as Old Bill

Past Theatre Productions
Under The Bridge by Greg Bepper (2011/12)

Under The Bridge enjoyed two seasons in 2011 and 2012 at the Kirkwood Theatre in Hornsby NSW Australia. Open to be set under any pedestrian bridge in any city or suburb, this version added a familiar flavour to the local audiences being set under the bridge at Hornsby Mall. Both seasons were received favourably and left the audience contemplating their own thoughts of their attitude towards the homeless.

Old Bill, a homeless man, who has lived on the streets for over two decades, takes you on a journey of his past while coping with his challenges of the present, and the people he meets along the way. A true example of not to judge a book by its cover till you listen to the whole story.

2012 CAST: Old Bill - Greg BEPPER, Sonia - Kate HALL, , Angel - Jessica MURPHY & Abby JOHNSON, Youth - (introducing) Tobias Hilton, Alex/Council Worker - (introducing) Angus BERG

2011 CAST: Old Bill - Greg BEPPER, Sonia - Kate HALL, Alex/Youth/Council Worker -Johnathan PALMER, Angel - (introducing) Jessica MURPHY & Abby JOHNSON

Directed By Greg BEPPER, Mr Bepper directed by Pat SCOTT

Libine Azevedo as Carlos
Kate Hall as Kaz

Deaf, Blind & Dumb by Greg Bepper (2010)

One of four hour long plays performed alternatively over a five week season in the Kirkwood Theatre, Hornsby, NSW, Australia. Subtitled: A Matter of Discrimination, this play presented with a comic undertone took the audience into the world of the physically challenged.

Set in the offices of D.S Crim & A. T. Eon, Kaz, a head strong and opinionated deaf girl, waits for a job interview with a highly over strung and over-worked HR manager, Mrs Whittle. In walks Carlos, a young Brazilian, blind man arriving for his appointment of the same position. Awkward moments, militant attitudes, frustrating interludes and total paranoia abound as the conflict between Kaz and Carlos grows and Mrs Whittle thrown into the deep end by her boss to reject them both without cause to be taken to the Board of Discrimination.

CAST: Kaz - Kate HALL, Carlos - Libine AZEVEDO, Mrs Whittle - Venette LOWE, Goth Teen - Zoe O'ROURKE

Directed by Greg BEPPER

Zoe O'Rourke as The Author

Blocked by Greg Bepper (2010)

One of four hour long plays performed alternatively over a five week season in the Kirkwood Theatre, Hornsby, NSW, Australia.Every performance produced a mixed reaction. Some audience members 'caught on' as the play progressed. Others left the theatre still thinking, if not a little bewildered. This play was not one to sit back and be entertained. This play was to analyse, piece together and and have 'the penny drop' at the surprise conclusion.

Three protégé young woman struggle with their early fame in their fields of endeavour of literature, music and art. Although from different backgrounds and current lifestyles, they all have a strong bond to each other that eventually must be broken for one of them to survive.

CAST: The Artist - Kate HALL, The Author - Zoe O'ROURKE, The Composer - Lisa KESWICK/Kate CROWLEY, The Psychiatrist - Libine AZEVEDO

Directed by Greg BEPPER

Sean Szabo as The Boy
Steve Ford as The Man

PFV: Potential for Violence by Alex Broun (2010)

One of four hour long plays performed alternatively over a five week season in the Kirkwood Theatre, Hornsby. This two-handed, psycho drama written by Australian playwright, Alex Broun in 1991, mesmerised the audience as it took all the twists and turns synonymous with its genre. Both actors gave each of their characters a reality that had the audience spellbound.

Summer. A stinking hot day, a single room shack, somewhere in the outback. The Boy, sits at the window, his hair is unkempt and his skin untidy but his eyes are ablaze with unknown purpose. Across the room The Man, blindfolded and gagged, sits on the floor, arms tied around the legs of another chair.. Thus begins this tense psychological battle of wills Over the course of one day and one night a shared history will emerge, a tragic event that shaped both their lives will be revealed - one man will live, another will die.

CAST: The Boy - Sean AZABO, The Man - Steve FORD

Directed by Greg BEPPER

Venette Lowe as Mrs Pringle
Kate Crowley as Elaine

Fourteen by Anne Gerstenberg (2010)

One of four hour long plays performed alternatively over a five week season in the Kirkwood Theatre, Hornsby. Written by American playwright, actress Alice Gerstenberg in 1919, this version was adapted by Greg Bepper and set in Sydney, NSW Australia. Although at the time this play was ninety one years old since its debut, through minor adaption it still held its own as a comical, verging on farce, piece of theatre.Fast paced, with clever lines and slick slapstick, the audience enjoyed this rarely produced play from a bygone era.

Set in the nineteen twenties, Mrs. Pringle is preparing to host a dinner party to introduce her daughter, Elaine, to the city's most eligible bachelor. Illness and a rare cyclone, force some guests to cancel and the three characters are compelled to try to salvage the evening and the ever chamngeing number of place settings at the dinner-table

CAST: Mrs Pringle - Venette LOWE, Elaine - Kate CROWLEY, Dunham - Steve FORD

Directed by Greg BEPPER

Just My Luck by Greg Bepper (2010)

The short fifteen minute play that started it all. The play was written to showcase the talent of a newly formed theatre company. Greg continued to write plays for the company over the next two years, and hence Thunderbolt Theatre Productions was born. Since this first one-off performance, Just My Luck has been extended to a full length play with an added character; David, which will be produced in Thunderbolt's 2017 season.

The fine print in the competition rules of a popular TV travel show lands four strangers getting closer than they bargained on an island paradise. A socialite alcoholic, a paranoid housewife, a randy accountant and a recently widowed judo teacher all find that their world is closer than 6 percent of separation.

CAST: Mrs Williams - Zoe O'ROURKE, Grahame - Sean SZABO, Danielle - Lisa KESWICK, Barbara - Kate HALL, Housemaid - Kate CROWLEY

Directed by Greg BEPPER