Greg Bepper - Artistic Director
Greg commenced his professional career in the entertainment industry in 1973 at the age of sixteen. Through the decades that followed, he honed his skills as an actor, director, producer and playwright. His experience covers all the mediums in the industry including, television, film, radio and theatre. But it is his first love: theatre, that now is foremost in his life.

As founder, producer, artistic director and playwright in residence of Thunderbolt Theatre & Film Productions, Greg's vision is to establish Thunderbolt as producers of high quality, innovative and entertaining professional, Australian theatre productions throughout the regional, and eventually the mainstream theatre scene.

As the playwright in residence, his intention is to continue writing plays, as he has in the past, with a complete Australian tone. Plays of varied genres, set in various eras, highlighting as well as educating, the audience of the Australian personae and way of life.

As the Artistic Director, his aim is to produce these plays as well as providing the opportunity for emerging playwrights (of any age) to have their Australian orientated plays professionally produced.

2016 is an enormous challenge for Greg, as the first of his plays, from a season of six, will be produced by Thunderbolt as a touring production. The greatest challenge will be taking on the roles of both Producer and Director of Thunderbolt's first fully professional production. Although, he is no stranger to these duel responsibilities.

However, the ultimate outcome Greg pursues from any performance, is that every audience member leaves the theatre with a little insight, a little thought and a whole feeling of being entertained.